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Modern Motorcycle Mechanics

Modern Motorcycle Mechanics isn’t so modern anymore.

Yet this hefty reference book last revised in 1974 remains an indispensable source of information for anyone who has ever owned or owns a motorcycle, regardless of make or model. Author J.B. (Bernie) Nicholson of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan covered all aspects of motorcycle repair and maintenance. His advice has literally changed lives.

More than 100,000 copies of this book have sold worldwide since Nicholson wrote the first edition in 1942 making Modern Motorcycle Mechanics a bestseller. For anyone interested in what makes that old bike tick the Seventh Edition of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics is required reading. And now, after popular demand, the 1945 Second Edition of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics has been reprinted. Only 540 copies were available — ensure you get yours!

Prairie Dust, Motorcycles and a Typewriter

The story of the man who wrote Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, the life and times of J.B. (Bernie) Nicholson. Prairie Dust, Motorcycles and a Typewriter takes an in-depth look at how two young brothers imported their first British motorcycle to the dusty Canadian prairies in 1932 during the height of the Depression, and how they went on to run one of the most well-known dealerships and motorcycle mail-order parts houses in North America — Nicholson Bros. Motorcycles.

An extra 24 pages were added to this book in 2017 to create an Expanded Edition. The new chapters cover early Saskatoon motorcycle history; the era before Nicholson Bros. was established.

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