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After more than 40 years there is still tremendous interest in Modern Motorcycle Mechanics. Only a limited number of original hardbound seventh edition books were printed in 1974, and they’re all gone.

Owner of the original copyright J.B. Nicholson Jr. (Mickey), granted me, Greg Williams, the rights to all editions in order to keep his Dad’s work alive.

I’m a writer in Calgary, Alberta. I’ve written the self-published book Prairie Dust, Motorcycles and a Typewriter about Nicholson, his years in the motorcycle industry and his writing of seven editions of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics.

With the endorsement of the Nicholson family a Seventh Edition Reprint of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics is now available. This isn’t a coil bound Xerox from the local copy shop – it was printed professionally by Friesens in Canada via web offset and is hardbound, just like the original. Better quality paper and a larger text size make the book more accessible, but not a word of Nicholson’s advice has been changed. Mickey says his dad would definitely be proud to see the continued interest in his work, and the subsequent reprint.